Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ace Articles Online Blog Two: The Legacy of Self-hatred in the Black Community

Ace Articles Online Blog Two: The Legacy of Self-hatred in the Black Community: Self-hatred has been a long standing problem in the Black community. We have been conditioned to believe being Black is less than and not as...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Advice For Aspiring Writers : Getting Started

Advice for aspiring writers. If you have an idea but you're not sure how to transfer that idea from your head onto the paper or screen here's what you do... start.

Just start it doesn't have to be at the beginning, if you have a clear scene in your head just write it.

The problem many times is a lot of beginner writers feel they must have the scenes mapped out one after the other and they have to be perfect that's just not true. First off understand that there are going to be rewrites that's just part of the process.

The first draft is mainly to get the idea out of your head and down onto the paper, you shouldn't really worry about grammar at this point you mainly just want to get the idea out.

Once you start you see that the creative process will begin to flow and your story will begin to take shape and before you know it you will be through your first draft.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Screenwriting Tips - How To Write A Screenplay That Sells

The first thing you need to realize when you begin is that the audience is fickle, the smash last week or last month could easily be this weeks dud.

Today we live in an instant gratification society and at most you have three maybe five minuets  to grab and keep their attention, how do you do that you might be asking, well this is how Bill Wilder a very famous writer and director explained it.

For those of you who don't know who Billy Wilder was, he was an Austrian-born American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, artist, and journalist, whose career spanned more than 50 years and 60 films.

The Golden Rules

  • The audience is fickle. Grab ‘em by the throat and never let ‘em go.
  • Develop a clean line of action for your leading character. Know where you're going.
  • The more subtle and elegant you are in hiding your plot points, the better you are as a writer.
  • If you have a problem with the third act, the real problem is in the first act.
  • A tip from Lubitsch: Let the audience add up two plus two. They'll love you forever.
  • In doing voice-overs, be careful not to describe what the audience already sees. Add to what they're seeing.
  • The event that occurs at the second act curtain triggers the end of the movie.
  • The third act must build, build, build in tempo and action until the last event, and then—that's it. Don't hang around.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tips For Developing Characters

Creating realistic characters is one of the most important task a writer has
It doesn't matter the genre or medium, rather it be screenwriting or novels if the characters are not believable the story has no chance.
The characters should be relatable. Even the most extreme characters have that one grain of truth running through them, it keeps the character and the story grounded. Thanks I hope these tips were helpful see you next time.

Checkout the video below for more helpful tips:

Monday, March 18, 2013



A side from getting published the toughest thing a writer can face is the inability to transfer the idea that's been floating around in your head out and on to the paper or screen.

You know what I'm talking about, that's right, the dreaded writer's block. There isn't anything worse than staring at the screen and you got nothing, it's pretty horrible.

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on how to beat it. Some think the best way is to sit there until something comes, I call it the grind it out method. That may work for some but it doesn't work for me.

I think the creative process is fluid, so sitting there clinched with then an inch of my life isn't likely to get me writing, but if it works for you  good deal.

Below I've  listed  and linked to some writers block software. It's free and if you would rather not try to grind it out I invite you to try them and tell me what you think.

Have a good one, and write on.

1. Writers Block

2. Writers Block 1.0

Check them out they are free for now, tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best Free Screenwriting Software

Free Screenwriting Software

If you are new to screenwriting and you're still trying to figure out format and the whole process I invite you to checkout some of the free Screenwriting software posted below.

It's all free and will give you the basic tools you'll need to help improve your writing experience, I've tried several of them and found that not having to worry about getting the format just right help me focus more on writing.

Try them out and find the one you feel most comfortable with and then if you decide you would like to up grade to the full program you'll know what you're getting.

Click on the name below and instantly get your free screenwriting software.

Movie Magic - This software automatically formats while you write so you can focus on what you're writing, not where it goes on the page. In addition, it formats for television, stage, novels and comic book scripts so you will have an all-in-one package for virtually any story you would like to write. Using a massive set of features made to make the rewriting process quick and simple.

Final Draft  - In terms of script writing software, there aren't many programs more professional than Final Draft. Final Draft is a highly accomplished script writing tool created specifically for writing movie scripts, television episodes, and stage plays. It allows you to concentrate on the writing. You don't have to learn about script formatting Final Draft automatically formats your script to industry standards so all you have to do is write.

Celtix -   Celtx, offers both screenwriting and pre-production processes, in a software program that includes 'full-feature script writing with media rich pre-production support'.Celtix is also well suited for those that would like to collaborate from a distance since it has an online editing tool. 

Celtx also helps you in the formatting of your script. Celtx isn't final Draft but it is free and that's got to be a positive for struggling writers who can't or aren't willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Script writing tips

If you want to make it in the film industry you have to be heard or read. What good is a kick ass script if no one reads it? I know what you might be thinking, that's easier said then done, not really, there are screenwriting contest, screenplay consultants, script readers, there are tons of ways to get your script read.

Sure you have to be selective and careful about where you submit your work, let's be honest there are a lot of scammers out there so you have to be smart and make sure you have ownership of your work show business is two word so make sure you have the business end of the writing down before you show it.

That a side take the leap of faith and put it out, what do you have to lose? You can only gain in this situation. A lot of the people we see in the industry might seem familiar to us but in reality they don't know you exist, you have to get your work out there. Plant your flag and claim your spot among the writers in Hollywood. Why not you, they did it, so why can't you?

I saw a video of Will Smith the other day and that's exactly what he said. So listen to Will and submit your work, sure you might get rejected at first, sure you might not sell your first script, then again you might you never know, that's the whole point. Worst case scenario you'll get some pointers on making your script better.

 Click to get information about submitting and selling your script.

Click the submit picture in the article and it'll take you to the writers guild of America so you can register and protect your work. So good luck and write on.